Need to relax and listen to something other than bad news?


Excessive news just drags down your spirit and your energy. Instead of something that is giving you a heavy heart, listen to something that will lift your spirit.

Lutheran Public Radio is a 24/7 internet radio station that plays sacred music. They have an amazing collection of hymns and choral pieces that they play according to the church year.

They also have a Lutheran Talk Radio station that plays informative and inspirational programming to stimulate mind and soul.

I recommend downloading and using the LPR app free from your phone’s app store.

Why does Hollywood love cuss words so much? What can a family do (for free)?

Not only cuss words, but also gruesome violence, nudity, perversion, fornication, adultery, and just general ugliness.

For a long time people thought that some nudity or gore was unnecessarily thrown into a movie just so that they could guarantee a PG-13 or R rating. It was thought that if a movie were rated G that it would turn away too much of the paying audience who would think that means it was only a kid movie. As it turns out, G rated movies make more money and are often the best performing of all movies at the box office. What could explain the totally unnecessary sleaze thrown into Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Bible does give an explanation. They love it. Without the Holy Spirit, human nature is drawn to all manner of evil. Human nature is turned against God. Human nature believes that what God declares good is evil and what God condemns is good. Satan convinced Eve that the forbidden fruit was good for eating when the ONLY command God had given them was not to eat it. In Proverbs 8:36 God says it succinctly, “all who hate me love death.”

Moreover, it is not just a matter of personal preference. If you oppose their dirtiness they will fight you. For decades people have fought Hollywood for the right to watch filtered movies. Hollywood sues innovators every time. One method seems to be working. Even though lawsuits are still going on VidAngel has developed a filtering model that works.

VidAngel connects to your subscription of Netflix, etc. When you want to watch something, VidAngel lets you set filters to remove foul lauguage, nudity, disturbing images, gore, etc. Then you stream your movie through VidAngel and the cursing is muted, and the objectionable scenes are tightly trimmed away, as if you had perfect timing with the remote control every time.

Even generally clean movies like Back to the Future III has things in it that you don’t want to bring into your home. VidAngel gives you more options for entertainment without the garbage.

Even if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can still enjoy VidAngel’s own faith based movies for free.

Now, for the coronavirus isolation time, VidAngel is offering free filtering service. Try them out and share the link to this article with your friends.

Bonus: They even have this filter available!